Locked Out of House Weymouth

There is nothing worse than returning home to find you have misplaced your key or the lock won’t work, and you’re locked out of your house.

The issue with being locked out is that it also leaves you feeling helpless and vulnerable.

The key is not to panic and instead pick up the phone to one of our Weymouth locksmiths and let us take care of the situation for you.

Weymouth Lock Replacement Service

When we all had a long padel key and a solid wooden door, it was so much easier to take out a couple of screws and replace your front door lock.

But with the popularity of PVC doors across Weymouth we are finding more and more homeowners have 5 point locking mechanisms with euro locks in them.

These are no more complicated than the old-style locks to change, but if you don’t know what you are doing, then you can cause costly damage to the full door mechanism.

Lock Installation on House Weymouth

If you need a lock installed on the door at your home, office or even on your garage then its probably a much better idea to have a local locksmith install it rather than chance damaging the door by doing it yourself.

You may think a lock installation appears to be a simple job, but getting it wrong can result in expensive damage to your door, the framework and in some cases the lock you are installing.

Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and have one of our local Weymouth locksmiths come and put a new lock on your door for you.

Weymouth Car Unlocking Service

Modern vehicles have laser-cut locks on them, which means they are very very accurate and therefore very complicated to pick open.

If you have become locked out of your vehicle or have locked your car key inside your car, then we can help you by picking open your car door lock.

If there is an issue with the locks on your vehicle, then we may need to come out and unlock your car using bypass techniques.

These are expert techniques taught to locksmiths so we can gain access to your vehicle with the least possible chance of causing any damage to the car.

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